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Welcome to Mother Nurture! I am so happy you have found your way to my page and I welcome you warmly. Wherever you are in the transformative period of early motherhood, I am hopeful that our work together can make it a little bit easier, less lonely and more empowering. The perinatal period (pregnancy, birth and postpartum) is a time of such intense change, transition, transformation and growth for a woman and her family, both physically, and emotionally and spiritually. This transition is often navigated with little support. In days gone by, new mothers had a community or “village” that helped to support, guide and nurture. Today, families are often spread out across the country and the globe, and women may live thousands of miles away from their grandmothers, mothers, aunties and childhood best friends. Motherhood is often navigated without this wise group of women to stand beside us. Mother Nurture was created to be a safe place to land for moms, to help in creating a village, to navigate the sacred experience of pregnancy and birth, and to be a companion in the postpartum days of wonder, awe and confusion as a transformation is made from maiden to mother. 

*Support through pregnancy, birth and postpartum

*Birth services: birth choices and preparation, birth stories, birth trauma

*Perinatal mental health

*Pregnancy and infant loss

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About Mother Nurture


I am a registered psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. I have been working in the mental health field for 15 years in a variety of different capacities, including crisis mental health, with residential child and youth programs, in school settings, in-home settings and in private practice, doing both counselling and assessment. I have a master’s in counselling psychology, a diploma in addictions, and undergraduate degrees in psychology and education. While I have loved all the work I have done in this field, my heart and soul has always flourished with all things relating to motherhood. Experiencing becoming a mother three times in the last five years was transformative for me, and represented times of growth, elation, fear, sadness, empowerment, anxiety and raw beauty over and again. When I think of bringing one of my little humans earth-side, the word that comes to mind is sacred. What an incredible journey, but also one filled with trepidation and arduous growth.

I feel grateful to have the opportunity to care for other mothers and hold space for each individual journey. I would be honoured to sit with you and hear your story.

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About me


 I live in Airdrie, Alberta with my husband and three young daughters. My family of origin lives in Ontario, where I was born and raised, but I have made Alberta my home since 2006. I have always loved children and pregnancy and wanted to be a mother. When I first experienced the empowering nature of birth, a passion was ignited within. My births with each of my girls were drastically different. My first daughter’s birth was in the hospital with an OB-GYN. It was surprising, difficult and empowering. My second daughter’s birth was also in the hospital but with midwives. This birth was traumatic for me and did not go as planned. I was able to heal and prepare for the birth of my third through birth story-telling with my doula, Randi ( and coming to peace with my previous experience. The birth of my third daughter was a peaceful, serene birth in a birth centre, one that beautifully closed my chapter of creating new life. 

I am currently mothering through three different stages of children- preschooler, toddler and baby. Life is busy and beautiful and authentic. I try to take moments to pause, focus on gratitude, revel in the wonder that is seeing the world through a little person’s eyes, and ground myself into more positive mothering. I love to read, drink coffee, write, enjoy the sunshine and spend time with loved ones. I look forward to meeting you.

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I offer appointments in my office space (babes in arms welcome) or in your home if you live in the Airdrie area and prefer me to come to you.